February 13, 2017

Nothing special a super power

Scrolling through the comments on my recent Facebook posts takes my thoughts for a wander. We all tend to share the highlights of our existence on social media. For some of us that’s an amazing meal, a night out with your dearest friends or, as it is for me lately, public recognition of the crazy […]


Walking back from the airport to my bike, I see monkeys playing on the roof of a nearby building. The streets are dominated by small motorbikes, little white Suzuki Alto taxis and big, black smoke producing, busses and trucks. This place is so different from where I come from, so different from where I grew […]


Your Mum says…

Imagine you’re about 4 years old. You walk down a crowded street in the city, holding your Mum’s hand. You pass someone walking on crutches, point at the person and say: “Mum, why is she walking with sticks?” If you are born in a western country your mother will likely respond along these lines: “Common […]


Mario kart

The road entering Cambodia lead through some forest and was almost deserted. A truck in front of me was sticking to a roughly 50 km/h constant speed as I approached him, but when I started overtaking, without any warning or use of indicators he decided to swing to the left. I hit the brakes hard […]